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Weight Management

Due to improper eating habits, unhealthy food choices and sedentary lifestyles Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in India with 5% of the population suffering from morbid obesity.
Easy access to processed food, genetic disposition of Indians towards abdominal obesity and increased calorie intake is contributing to the surge in obesity with increased risk of developing – diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and heart diseases.

Normal BMI: 18.0-22.9 kg/m2, Overweight: 23.0-24.9 kg/m2, Obesity: >25 kg/m2.

How to combat Obesity?
Meal Replacement therapy which applies a restricted calorie intake balanced diet with easy to make meal plans is an efficient and safe alternative for weight loss.
It combines adequate nutrition with reduction in calorie to mobilize the existing fat cells to burn to provide energy.
Meal replacement combined with physical activity is a tried and tested method of weight loss.



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