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I-Booster is an immunity boosting & immunomodulatory nutritional supplement formulated to develop a  robust immune system for protection against infections and improved general health. In addition to immunity enhancing, its modulating properties have also shown to have a potential role in the management of COVID-19. It is free from Yeast, Wheat, Lactose, Corn, Gluten & Preservatives.

Immuno-regulatory benefits:

  1. Immunity enhancing and modulating
  2. Supporting the epithelial barrier against the entry of pathogens
  3. Improving cellular functions in innate & adaptive immune responses


Benefits for COPD, CVD & Diabetes management:

  1. Vitamin C: Stimulates collagen formation, lowers risk of COPD and CVD (cardiovascular disease)
  2. Vitamin D3: Supports cardiovascular health, helps to regulate blood sugar level, helps in the functions of bones & muscles, stimulates immunomodulatory effects in respiratory system
  3. Vitamin E: Improves glycemic control in diabetes, helps to reduce oxidative stress in CVD
  4. Zinc: Stimulates collagen formation, augments antioxidants in COPD patients, helps to manage diabetes, & improves cardiac function

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Purified Talc and contains Permitted colours

Each film coated tablet contains Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin D3-200IU Vitamin E-10 IU & Zinc-30 mg. Each PET bottle contains 30 units of tablets.

1 tablet per day after a meal –  preferably after dinner for a robust immune system.

Allergen Information
Yeast, Wheat, Lactose, Corn, Gluten, Preservatives
Net Qty
30 tablets
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