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A legacy that is trusted, accepted and recommended worldwide by the medical fraternity. British Biologicals offers an array of top quality products for the healthcare industry that is widely used by many of our healthcare professionals across the globe.

State-of-the-art manufacturing units

Our commitment to manufacturing best quality nutritional products is reflected in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Bangalore which conforms to UFSDA and WHO-GMO standards and adheres to International food safety (IFS) standards. Running on complete automation the facility circumvents human fallibility and increases scientific efficacy. It is the largest such facility of its kind in South East asia. The facility production is diverged into three units based on packaging.

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hear from our leading doctors

The quality of products from both a nutritional standpoint as well as therapeutic care standpoint is top notch. And I feel very, very comfortable prescribing it to my patients.

Dr Kiran (MBBS, M.D.)

Good nutrition is an integral component of patient care, not only provides nutrition & substantial physical benefits , but also ensures psychological comfort as well for my patients.

Dr. Praveen (MBBS, M.D.)

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