SIRUS VitaminD Gummies

Vitamin D, A fat soluble vitamin which plays a vital role inhealthy lifestyle and well-being.Vitamin D is responsible for calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintaining healthy bones and teeth.Vitamin D enhances immunity by triggering immune cells to produce antibodies that strengthen immune system. It alsoincreases muscle strength and its function.

Vitamin D keeps lungs healthy through itsanti-inflammatory properties.Vitamin D supports heart health by regulating blood pressure.Studies has shown crucial role of Vitamin D in Diabetes, Renal function, Hair loss, Mood improvement.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to many health complications like- Osteoporosis in adults, Rickets in children. Low intake of vitamin D significantly reduces immune function, making more prone to viral infections. Low levels of Vitamin D deficiency effects respiratory function and increases respiratory tract infections.

To overcome Vitamin D deficiency, first time in India, British Biologicals introduces 100% vegetarian Vitamin D gummiesSIRUS

SIRUS- Made with vegan based pectin that emanates from fruits (unlike gelatine made from animal fats). Fulfils daily Vitamin D requirement. Offers high patient’s compliance and excellent palatability.

Again, for the first time India in palatable Vitamin D gummies which is tasty and easy chew.


•             Healthy bones and teeth

•             Enhances immune system

•             Supports lung function

•             Maintains cardiovascular health

•             Improves musculoskeletal pain

•             Supports healthy nervous system

•             Pregnancy and lactation

Flavour: - Green Apple

Size: - Pack of 60 gummies


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