C-Booster is a supplement of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) that helps to restore the nutritional deficiency of vitamin C in the body and improve overall health.

Vitamin C is a known antioxidant that helps maintain healthy skin, teeth, bone, and blood vessels.

It also protects the cells of your body from damage.

Uses of C-Booster:

  • Vitamin C deficiency: helps to prevent and treat vitamin C deficiency and its associated symptoms
  • Antioxidant:  helps to protect the body from various harmful effects of free radicals, pollutants, and toxins
  • Immunity booster: helps to boost immunity and improves the response of the human body to infections.
  • Healthy Bones & skin: helps to manage healthy bones & skin by promoting the formation of collagen
  • Wound healing: promotes wound healing and skin repair
  • Iron absorption: enhances the absorption of iron from food
  • Nutritional supplement:  used as a nutritional supplement in disorders like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, and eye diseases

Pack size: 30 tablets per pack

Dosage: one or two tablets per day or as directed by your physician

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