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MediSlim A revolutionary meal replacement formula that helps you to reduce weight*.

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Achieving a healthy weight loss goal in the long term can be challenging. Given today’s fast paced life, work pressures, lack of accessibility to healthy food or exercise and poor lifestyle habits, most people are susceptible to weight gain, obesity and its related complications. While crash diets, surgeries and pills may work in a few individuals or in the short run, Medical Experts and Nutritionists recommend Meal Replacement Therapy along with calorie controlled diet and exercise for long term weight loss.

MediSlim, a revolutionary meal replacement formula from British Biologicals comes with natural fat burners that facilitate quick weight loss. It contains 100% Natural ingredients which are absolutely safe to reduce weight as compared with other products available in the market. MediSlim also works by curbing appetite and thereby reducing cravings. The 27 added essential Vitamins & Minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fibers provide complete nourishment as well as satiety.

Extensive studies have shown that MediSlim meal replacement therapy is an effective, safer and long term alternative for quick weight loss.

**Medislim is available in all leading pharmacies and medical shops across India on prescription.