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  1. British Biologicals Announces Expansion to North America

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  2. ‘Walk A Thon’ from British Biologicals to bring Nutrition Awareness

    The company celebrated National Nutrition Week to bring Nutrition Awareness by conducting ‘WALKATHON’.

    Bengaluru, India – September 7, 2018

    British Biologicals, India’s largest Neutraceutical Company, organized a nutrition awareness WALKATHON on September 7th, 2018 at Jayanagar, Bangalore. The WALKATHON was organized on the last day of the National Nutrition Week. The event was inaugurated by Mr. V S Reddy, MD, British Biologicals.

    The theme of the year is ‘Go Further With Food’. British Biologicals workforce performed 4 km stretch ‘Healthy Walk’ to bring nutrition awareness among general public.

    The nutrition week was filled with full of activities such as ‘Health Quiz’, ‘Exercise not Extra Fries’, ‘Hide & Seek with Pulses’, and ‘Memory Meter’. These exciting and fun filled activities educated employees on importance of nutrition in daily life.


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