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  1. School Connect Initiatives

    Nutrition is very important for everyone, but it is especially important for children because it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development; factors which will have direct ties to their level of health as adults. British Biologicals is working towards spreading awareness on the importance of Nutrition for kids by working with several schools, conducting Nutrition camps, nutrition counselling and extending continuous support via our Nutritionists throughout the country. 


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  2. World Diabetes Day

    A walkathon was organised in Bangalore on the world Diabetes day – 2014, by the Karnataka Institute of Diabetology in association with British Biologicals. The event which was organised to spread awareness on Diabetes saw more than 2000 participants including 100 cyclists who went around city promoting healthy living for diabetics.

    Employees of British Biologicals also supported the cause by participating in the walkathon.

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Awards & Recognition
British Biologicals has earned several laurels in its journey towards becoming one of India's premier nutritional supplements manufacturers. See our list of accomplishments and recognitions, here.

Awards & Recognition
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