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  1. Honouring Diabetes Champions-2015

     On Sunday, 18th of October 2015, British Biologicals, India’s leading Nutraceutical Company invited over 200 people with diabetes for a knowledge sharing seminar, lunch and an awards ceremony at The Ritz-Carlton in Bangalore. 

     At the event aptly titled “Honoring Diabetes Champions”, British Biologicals awarded 10 diabetics, who were carefully screened after discussions with several diabetologists and treating physicians who proposed their patients for this award. These diabetics were awarded for managing diabetes through nutrition and lifestyle modification. The awardees were of different ages & had different professions and interests. The oldest to receive the award was 85 years old.

    The importance of Nutrition & Lifestyle in preventing diabetes and postponement of secondary complications in diabetics was highlighted in a keynote session delivered by Dr. K R Raveendra, associate professor of medicine at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. He emphasized the sad fact that India is aping the west in their food and lifestyle while the West has started adopting the Eastern principles of life such as vegetarian food and yoga. He also spoke about exercise, timely medication, balanced diets and proper nutrition as the key to living a long and healthy life, despite diabetes.

    Dr. Kiran Bijoor, Medical Advisor at British Biologicals. He spoke on the importance of Medical Nutrition Therapy and its role in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetics. The key, as he explained, was to bring in all the food groups – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals into the daily diet. The audience was also educated on “Carb Counting”, the latest science based practice in managing blood glucose levels.

    Nutritionist Ms. Srilakshmi conducted the last session on the role of diet in diabetes. This session touched upon importance of calorie counting, food exchanges, how much is one measure/portion, reading food labels and above all, the significance of “The Right Quantity” of food to be consumed by the diabetic, in order to prevent complications in diabetes.

    The level of awareness among the 200 diabetics in the audience about the disorder that was the common factor amongst them was checked through quiz questions.  The Managing Director of British Biologicals, Mr. V S Reddy who was present at the occasion to honor the diabetes champions, spoke on his mission to educate every diabetic in the country on the role of Nutrition, Lifestyle in longevity among diabetics. He also announced that the program, which has been kick-started in Bangalore, would be conducted in Hyderabad and Mumbai in the first leg and later, in other parts of the country.

    The daylong conference also served an elaborate lunch prepared exclusively by the Chefs at The Ritz-Carlton for the diabetics. The menu was prepared giving much thought to the nutritional requirements of diabetics while at the same time balancing palatability and serving appetizing food for diabetics.





  2. Fighting Malnutrition – With the Art of living

    According to UNICEF, around 46 per cent of all children in India below the age of three are too small for their age, 47 per cent are underweight and at least 16 per cent are wasted. Most of these children are severely malnourished.

    British Biologicals in association with The Art of Living is working towards tackling Malnutrition at the grass root level in various villages of Siddalghatta Taluk. 15,000 sachets of KidsPro were given to the Primary Health Department of the village; these were channelled through the Anganwadis to reach the kids. This is one the recent initiatives from British Biologicals to help the Primary Health department sustain its efforts on fighting malnutrition. 

    Fighting Malnutrition: 5 Fighting Malnutrition: 2
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